A Prayer Before Cleaning

Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for this home and everything in it.

As I set out to clean it and to examine my belongings, go with me.

Wash me as I wash these dishes, this tile, this countertop, these stained drainboards, this table.  Sweep away my self-centeredness.


Make me as aware of your holiness and as dissatisfied with my sin, my pride, my complacency, my slowness to love and to help, as I am dissatisfied with mere untidiness of physical things.

As I seek to clear long-neglected corners, awaken me to my long-neglected faults.

Help me to be as meticulous in the eternal as I am in the arrangement of this room, these books, these papers.

Make me as grateful for the utensils and ability to prepare my daily bread as I am for the supply and the eating of it.

Give me the wisdom to look my life and my possessions in the face.  Grant that I may be able to let go of the needless, both tangible and intangible, the sin that entangles and the objects that distract.

Give me the understanding and the will to let go of the items I do not want or need,
to let go of the preparation for projects I have not done and will never do,
to keep from chasing the wind.  Teach me to number my days.

Preserve me from a covetous and envious spirit.

Grant me peace and not restlessness.

Help this order to be useful to arranging my life and my days for your glory.

As the cats flee the vacuum cleaner, so I flee the roar of life’s trials and duties.  Guard and reassure me, as those trials merely remove dust and filth.  Protect me from worry, distrust, and fear.

Lord, bless this house of muscle and bone,
and come live in it yourself.