A Long-Expected Victory

We’re all familiar with the plaint: So many books, so little time.  I already own more books than I can read, it seems, enough that I have to make a conscious effort to pluck one and consume it.

Still wasn’t enough to keep me from opening the floodgates.

Worlds welcome me, my friends.


There are gates I can sidle through, bridges I can cross, skies for the flying and seas for the diving.

Between the books my fellow Muses have discussed, the stories shared by readers, and various reading lists culled from other friends, there are enough reading materials to last me several lifetimes…and after a year and some change in Ann Arbor, I’ve finally gotten a library card so as to access them all.

Tremendous and terrible!  The catalog lay open to my use, and I confess I went right mad with power.  Hardly a day later, Undine, Phantastes, and Doctor Zhivago await me.  The Last Unicorn draws nigh from another branch of the bibliotheque tree.  Storm Front and The Once and Future King are mine for the reading once the other 8 readers are done with them.  Three Men in a Boat, through the genius of MeLCat, shall be brought to me, presented like a token to a world-conquering hero.

Yep, it definitely feels something like this.  Da-da-da-DUN!!!

Yep, it definitely feels something like this. Da-da-da-DUN!!!

Rejoice with me!