Hideously Involved

The Internet has brought to my attention yet another mad project, one which prompted my friend Emily to ask “WHO THINKS OF THIS?”  Which question we’ve not been able to answer, but we suppose anyone assembling Egg-Cup Cakes must have a lot of eggs, a lot of time, and perhaps some magazine article-writing deadlines looming.  I inquired of Em whether it struck her as a good idea (unlikely, as she is not big on cupcakes), or just hideously involved.

Emily:  I’ll take “Hideously involved” for $400, Alex.

Annnnd in so doing, she has begotten Egotist’s Cluuuuub JEOPARDY!

With Alex Trebek, insofar as you all can imagine him reading off the answers

Questions to be found when you highlight them (or tilt your screen, should you be a person with a tiltable sort of machine at hand).

This festive concoction of a hen-stuffed-chicken-stuffed-turkey has a dessert analogue called a “cherpumple.”
What is a “turducken”?

It’s an intricate home-and-garden activity for the woman with more tools, time, and money than any other American.
What is “any given project by Martha Stewart”?

It’s a branch of learning at the atomic and subatomic scale, named by the Latin word for physical changes occurring only in discrete amounts.
What is “quantum physics”?

A liqueur containing over 130 herbal extracts whose recipe is known by only 3 Carthusian monks at a time.
What is “Chartreuse”?

Annnd it’s the Daily Double!  Make your wager:
One of the two certainties facing humanity, these are imposed on individuals or entities by legislative or other government authority.
What are “taxes”?

Third of four films so far, it depicts the fight between the Pirate Lords, the East India Trading Company, and other parties for control of the sea.
What is “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”?

A confection of ground almond and egg white, these are often confused with the coconut cookie which has an extra “o”.
What are “macarons”?

The three parts of this unfinished work contain dozens of treatises presented via hundreds of questions; it examines the history of the cosmos, man’s purpose, ethical life, and the Sacraments.
What is the “Summa Theologica”?

If you don’t have a macron or dipthong handy, there’s a handful of rules (and exceptions!) to govern your reading of these in Virgil.
What are “Latinate vowels”?