Egotists Create

One of the purposes of this blog is to force us into disciplining our creativity. This means practice, exercises, and feeling the pressure to get things done! Therefore, we will share with you our pretensions, our creativity, and our experiments. We welcome any criticism, ideas, corrections, discussion. Please, enjoy!

Calligraphy and other Craftywork

Drawings for the Loon
Gato De La Selva
Jaguar of Your Mountain
Taking Up the Brush (Again)
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg!

Creative Writing

Come Out into the Brainstorm!
The Curds of Fortitude
Fighting Moses
King David Was a Harper
Literary Liturgical Litany
Magpie’s Nest
Revoking Hamlet
Sigh No More
The Whims of the Ice God
A Winter’s Love Poem

Foodstuffs & Drink

Autumnal Equinox
Chocolate-Covered Bacon Roses 1
Chocolate-Covered Bacon Roses 2
Dancing Cucumber Salad
Edible Origami – Food Roses
Havana Bourbonade
A Sandwich of Sorts
A Toast to Tom

Original Poetry

Call Center Crisis
Coffee the Beautiful
Daddy Drinks
Evil Spirits
Fascination Lessons
Dear Gerontion
A Glorious Cooking of Onions
Gold in the Grotto
Handel Clerihews
Hell Hath No Fury
Hic Draconis
How Terrible to Love What Death Can Touch
Injunction in My Sickness
In Memoriam: A Brace of Sonnets
In the Graveyard at The Ridges Insane Asylum: Just As If…
Just to Say
Kenning the Body
Kingfisher Days
La Chasse
Lachrymose Lines
The Lay of Tinnuhen
Limerick Blitz: Cure for the Common Thursday
The Mead and the Sea
My Favorite Things
A Nightcap
A Paradox
Praeteritorum Malorum
Proclaiming Who’s Who
A Psalm
Res Mundi
Samsung and Struwwelpeter
Speed Poems
Terminus Est
This is the Time
‘Tis But the Ecstasy of Death
A Toast to Senator John Blaine

4 thoughts on “Egotists Create

  1. I miss the muses! I know life-stuff gets in the way, and sometimes inspiration is hard, even for muses. But I thought I’d drop you all a line, wave, and tell you that, if and when you feel like blogging again, I will be happy to see you. Until then, I shall have to root around in your archives.
    Happy 2015!

    • Oh! I didn’t see this until after posting today, but thank you very much for your love and good wishes. I thiiiiiink I might be back in the blog saddle, after a fashion 😀
      Happy 2015!

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