Egotist Manifesto


first, (from politeness,) acknowledge that our existence is owed to Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane,

as it was their desire to populate and dine at an official  Society that created this candidly christened club.


next, proclaim to the world that we DO exist, despite the attempts of a grey-washed world to run the middle ground of mediocrity through all peoples.

BLAST! the unriddled masses, the din! those encased in powder and makeup

without the proper amount of Chin.


blast the Apathy that roots around the foundations of Our Thought, Your Thought,  the History of Thought.


the frayed socks, torn mittens,

and gaudy sweaters that breed in abundance at the back of the closet.


the wire brushes the fingerless gloves and the overabundance of electric stoves,

the hair of the dog, signifying nothing

the eye of newt, dangling on a key ring.


demand that Our Thoughts, shall be treated with portentous, pretentious, preposterous importance.

While gaggles of giddy groups contend in bouts of Great Humility, our Words shall spew with verbosity and elocution through the babbling of Society.

We do.

We listen.

We talk.

We read and watch and think and act and consider and at times study.

We wait for Climpson or Bunter to come to dinner.

We practice our writing, and hold our discipline  accountable to the Club.

We twirl our mustachios.

We commence with pronouns.

We drink fine Scotch.

We speak to God, and Hope, and live and pretend and devise.

We chant odd words that take our fancy: onamonapia, maladroit, verisimilitude.

We take ourselves only seriously enough.

(We can be reached, incidentally, at There are times in life when you need an honest opinion from a candid egotist. Is your taste in wine cretinous? Is your poetry dull? Do you need a summer reading list, a new hat, a giggle, a reality check, or your tie straightened? All inquiries welcome, all mankind our family, all problems, delights and conundrums faced with perspicacity and a double, neat, of Mine Host’s finest. So join the merry throng!)

7 thoughts on “Egotist Manifesto

    • Well, there are many authors with whom we are besotted. Sayers, Chesterton, Waugh . . . but Sayers really was our inspiration for starting this writing project of ours. You should read her. Now. Go pick up “Gaudy Night,” and let the delicious discussions and exploration of humanity wash over you!

  1. *hugs the entire egotist’s club at once, as the internet medium allows such manipulation of physics*
    I owe you a deep debt of gratitude for the last link in this post. I hope to someday, by the Grace of God, repay you as He sees fit.

    Now I think I need to wander off and find everything Chesterton has ever written. Or maybe I should sit and mull what I just read over for, oh… say ten years or so.

  2. As you might know, March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day, sponsored by the Tolkien Society. To celebrate, my blogging partner and I decided to hold a small Tolkien Reading Event during the week of March 25 at our blog Pages Unbound. David from the Warden’s Walk mentioned that you are all admirers of Tolkien, and we were wondering if you would like to contribute a guest post to the event on a work either by or about Tolkien. If so, we would like to receive all reviews by March 17 so we have time to schedule them for the event. We are also accepting links to any old posts pertaining to Tolkien that you may already have on your blog, and we will link to them in a post at the end of the event. Thank you very much for your consideration. If you prefer to correspond by e-mail, you can contact us at We look forward to hearing back from you!

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