On the Reading of Books in the Bath

Back when I did that series of Why I Haven’t Read that Book YetThalia submitted that she might leave a book unfinished because she had dropped it in the bath.

I noted that my fear of getting a book wet had dissuaded me from ever trying to read a book in the bath, and for the most part, this remains the case.

However.  It would be remiss of me not to share this image with those of you who would love nothing more than to take a book and read it amid the delight and bubbles of outrageous bathtime:

Bath book trick

2 thoughts on “On the Reading of Books in the Bath

  1. Having some experience with those devices, I question whether the spring strength is sufficient to actually reel the book back.

    Then again, I suspect few books weigh as much as the pull strength of an excited Huskie, so I could be wrong.

    • I appreciate you asking the real questions.

      Other real questions remain: do you dry your hands off before setting this up? How do you ensure the base hook holds fast?

      Still. Hope springs eternal, as does this leash (hopefully).

      also: maybe I had to bring in a lamp to make it work (so as to keep from flicking on the bathroom light switch, which turns on a noisy ventilation fan simultaneously), buuuuut I managed a shower/bath situation whilst listening to Greene’s The End of the Affair a couple months back. Audio’s probably best for me.

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