Alphabooks: Z is for Zzz-snatcher

Z: Zzz-Snatcher

I hate to end this series of prompt posts on a weak note.  Perhaps I’ll come up with something splendid and impressive on the morrow, like a new letter beginning a secret word which is relevant to more interesting books that I haven’t talked about yet.

But for today, the question is “What book is so good that you didn’t go to sleep until you’d finished it?”

The thing is, I am rather good at staying awake most of the time, which is to say that lately it’s taken more effort to go to bed than to stay up past 1 or 2 AM.

So the last books I stayed up to finish, more because I was determined to finish reading them than because they were so gripping, were BJ Novak’s One More Thing and CS Lewis’s Spirits in Bondage.  Both are interesting enough; Spirits in Bondage was Jack’s first published book and represents his pre-conversion regard for Nature, red in tooth and claw.  One More Thing is also a first book, though Novak has years of writing for television under his belt.  The “stories and other stories” vary in length and in theme, though they all have something of the same tone: light-hearted, verbally playful, taking things to their logical conclusion, and touched with the same edge of despair that ended up taking Douglas Adams off my “favorite authors everrr!” list.

Taken together, these books could also have been Zzz-snatchers in another sense: they could fill one’s head with the unsettling threat of quiet doubts.  Maybe.  I didn’t quite ruminate on them long enough to let the doubts creep in, though.

What book or books have snatched your sleep?

8 thoughts on “Alphabooks: Z is for Zzz-snatcher

  1. I hate to admit this but I stayed up to finish World War Z and then spent weeks losing sleep over it. But before anyone with more highbrow tastes dismisses it, I have to tell you that it is full of amazing insights into human nature and the nature of conflict and survival. 🙂

    • I can well imagine that it would be both gripping and fear-inducing! It’s on my to-read list, actually, since I’m told that the book outstrips the movie by a wide margin and, yes, contains interesting propositions that give food for thought and discussion.

      Any particular observation/insight/quotation you’d like to share to put it higher on my reading list? 😀

      • We would need an ongoing supply of gin and vemuth, lots of candles and a few evenings on my porch to exhaust insights and quotations. It would be so fun! Maybe you can come visit sometime.. Ok, well, here is one thing: the author must either have done huge amounts of research or he is just amazingly well informed about things as diverse as Army tactics and psychology. The Battle of Yonkers is textbook mistakes that we are currently making (not with Zombies of course) right now!

      • *starts shopping list, to place next to reading list*

        The Battle of Yonkers…as in…the shop?

        …I suppose I HAVE heard that Wal-Mart would be the best placed to hide out in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse…

  2. You did it! Fantastic!
    If you need other letters, I have a few. They aren’t -technically- new, all being sounds from English, but I made up my own cypher years ago with individual letters for different vowel sounds and combined-sounds, like “sh,” “th” (one for each way of saying “th”) and “wh.” 😉 Yes… I’m a bit obsessive.

    Sleeping is, perhaps, my greatest gift/talent… I can sleep just about anywhere, at most any time, so books that keep me up… well, I don’t think one has done so since I was a kid.

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