Alphabooks: X

X: X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot, though the spot is arbitrary: the prompt called for looking at one’s bookshelf and, starting at the upper left, counting to the 27th book. I’m pretty sure this is because Jamie was 27 when she wrote her original post and not for any other arcane numerological reasons. Being 27 myself, I followed suit on each of my bookcases.

27th on the small shelf27th in the cabinet, depending how you count27th on the "borrowed" shelf27th among the sci-fi/fantasy/teen books

This seems especially arbitrary because I need to reorganize my shelves.

If only the 27th book on at least one of my shelves were Munster’s Cosmographia Universalis, or something along the lines of the Musgrave Ritual!  Then there would be some point to marking the spot.

27th among Erstwhile School Books

Pearl Buck is all “do not hunt for the X to see what treasure is buried in the earth; the treasure IS the earth”

5 thoughts on “Alphabooks: X

  1. I kind of like this one simply for the randomness of it… I’m not at home right now, but my guess is that bookshelf 1 would be Wodehouse or Shakespeare or one of my grandmother’s little books (mostly poetry). Bookshelf 2 would be about one of my hobbies… ceramics or goldfish, maybe? Bookshelf 3… who knows. 4 and 5 would be something by Agatha Christie and Rumiko Takahashi, respectively. When I get home, I’ll see how accurate my guessing was. 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to it! It’ll also be interesting to see how easy or tricksy the counting is; one of my bookcases has a combination of double-shelving and horizontal/vertical shelving beside each other, so the case could have been made for something other than Rebecca.

      • Ok, 1 is a much-abused, but still beautiful edition of Gulliver’s Travels circa mid-to-late 1800s. 2 is Nickle and Dimed… I wasn’t expecting that one, but there it is! 3 is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories. 4 is There is a Tide, by Agatha Christie, and 5 is Volume 22 of Inuyasha, by Rumiko Takahashi! So I got 2 right… and those were the only two I really couldn’t get wrong because, well, they’re about all that’s on those shelves. 😉

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