Alphabooks: V is for Very

V: Very Excited for This Release

Most of my favorite authors are dead and therefore I don’t suppose any new works of theirs to be forthcoming (though, of course, one never knows with these people).

Not being super-invested in the publishing world…I suppose there are only a few books I’m looking forward to. First, there are the coming Dresden Files books: Peace Talks, a few other case file books, and the apocalyptic trilogy of Hell’s Bells, Stars and Stones, and Empty Night (what will three books of apocalypse look like? A whole lot of me asking, “Harry, how are you NOT DEAD?” in all likelihood).

Second, there are the last two books of A Song of Ice and Fire: Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring. True, I haven’t even started the series yet. True, a lot of folks have concluded that it’s a lot of ick for no payoff. Buuut I’ll probably read them before too long, and then join Paul and Storm in singing this apostrophe to George R. R. Martin (skipping over the naughtier words):


7 thoughts on “Alphabooks: V is for Very

    • Indeed! I guess I’ll just try it and see – usually if something gets a huge following, there’s SOMETHING worth a closer look.

      Talking of things worth a closer look: another hilarious Paul & Storm song is their “Your Love Is (a metaphor).”

      • My brother’s usually a pretty good judge of such things (for me, at least). His reviews of it are mixed, but he definitely thinks it’s got some great elements to it, and that it’s probably not Jubilare-friendly. 😉

  1. I’m a big fan of the Game of Thrones series- yes, there’s a lot of ick but I think the payoff is actually pretty good. The more fantastical aspects (that have unfortunately been pushed aside mostly on the TV show to make it a more political drama) are wonderful. But seeing as how I started reading this series in high school well over a decade ago, I’m beginning to wonder if he’ll ever finish. Or at least wrap everything up in only 2 books.

    Have you ever read The Rook by Daniel O’Malley? It’s a great book- funny with a strong, smart female heroine and reads sort of like the X-Men ran into Monty Python. There’s a sequel coming out next year called Stiletto and I am very excited about that one.

    • Ooh! I much prefer fantastical things to political drama.

      I have never read The Rook, but it is going on The List! X-Men plus Monty Python? Sign me up.

      • I guess I should clarify that I think the payoff on the books is worth the ick factor- I haven’t seen the current tv season yet but they are beginning to stray pretty far from the books (from what I’ve heard) and there are some scenes where the payoff is NOT worth the grossness.

        And like I mentioned before, the books have a much stronger fantastical element to them. The whole “fire and ice” story in the books is an ominous undertone throughout all the political machinations and seems far more important, whereas the tv series is all about the throne, but oh, by the way, this girl has some dragons and there are some weird zombie icemen beyond the Wall. This will probably make more sense once you read the books.

        Anyways, I’m a fan.

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