Alphabooks: U is for Unapologetic

U: Unapologetic Fangirl For…

Yeah, okay, you all know the drill: I will happily fangirl over Lewis, Tolkien, Sayers, Chesterton, Rowling, et alii, et nunc et semper et in sæcula sæculorum.

But they’re such towering figures, so well-loved and widely read, that it feels silly to, you know, take a stand about it. “I am strongly in favor of Jack and Tollers!” I am also in favor of hydration, beautiful vistas, Nutella, and soft kittens.  Who’s going to argue against that?

Cat with Nutella

Come fight me.

But there is a more obscure figure, a fellow still hanging about so close to the margins that he was not too busy to answer a question of mine on Reddit.  I will take any and all opportunities to love on Mark Forsyth: the Inky Fool, author of The Etymologicon, The Horologicon, The Elements of Eloquence, and The Unknown Unknown.

Not that I anticipate any fights here either.  Look at what he has to say about Shakespeare’s vocabulary.  And repetition.  And progressives.

This post feels like something of a cheat, because really there ought to be more delicious words within it.  But I am about to set out my owl jacket and go out to lunch.  Consult Inky!  He will teach you such beautiful things, words as carminative as wine.


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