Alphabooks: T is for Three

T: Three of Your All-Time Favorite Books

“All-time” is giving me pause.  It shouldn’t, really, but it makes me want to hop in a time machine and consult myself just prior to death so as to be sure I am being honest in my reporting.

That not being possible at present, here are my theories for Three Books Which Will Remain Among My Favorites No Matter What:

Harry Potter

I am calling the series one long book so as not to play favorites. This world, its characters, its laws and concepts and field for hypothetical questions: they’re so deep in my head that I don’t suppose they’ll ever come out.

Perelandra / Till We Have Faces

Here’s the battle royale: which Lewis book will remain deepest in my affections? The beautiful unfallen world of Venus and Ransom’s defense against the evil nihilists, or the apology Orual makes for her actions?

Just watch: it’ll turn out to be something completely different, like Voyage of the Dawn-Treader or The Four Loves.

Gaudy Night

I’m not sure that I get something new out of it every time I reread Gaudy Night…but it’s long enough and rich enough that I get a lot of good reminders, and excellent food for thought each time. There’s so much exploration of work, of vocation, of how marriage changes people, of the nature of scholarship, all traced through Harriet’s eyes and mind and desires. It puts a lot of flesh onto her and Peter alike, which is why it continues to delight me.

3 thoughts on “Alphabooks: T is for Three

    • I had the thought that maybe I should just reread them and see which makes the strongest impression. But yes. Time shall reveal ALL!

      Also, your nomination is duly noted and a post is in the works. 😀 Many thanks!

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