Alphabooks: S is for Series

S: Series You Started and Need to Finish

This apparently refers only to any series in which all the books are published – so Dresden Files or Game of Thrones are right out.

Three come to mind:

Howl’s Moving Castle series – Dianna Wynn Jones

I loved the first book, but haven’t read Castle in the Air or House of Many Ways yet.

Kairos series – Madeleine L’engle

Likewise, I loved A Wrinkle in Time, but never got around to A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, or Many Waters (much less the O’keefe series, or the Chronos books – a shame, because apparently A Ring of Endless Light wins my roommate’s vote for “best sequel ever”).

Discworld – Terry Pratchett

Okay, part of me is uncertain whether the 41 novels constitute “a finished series,” or if they’re even a series proper given all the different threads therein.  But I’ve only read The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, so I figure I should visit the rest sometime.

What series(es) do you need to finish?

8 thoughts on “Alphabooks: S is for Series

  1. Sandman – I’ve read the first half of the original series, but haven’t gotten to the second half or the new material yet.

    I always struggle with whether Gaiman’s brilliance compensates for his horribleness.

    • Part of me asks “What do you mean, horribleness?” while the rest of me nods sagely, because he does dig into the grotesque a fair bit. I think instead of struggling, I just let my brain hang onto the happy shiny parts and try to banish the nastier bits…and Sandman can get particularly nasty, can’t it.

      …now I’m sitting here thinking about the duel between Morpheus and Choronzon as a very particular example. “I am hope” is a *fantastic* moment, and it’s tempting to say it would be less fantastic without being preceded/surrounded by all the squishy, monstrous atrocities of Hell. But then…the power of it is chiefly how everyone there must fall silent in the face of hope, right? Presumably that would work just as well if the vasty plains were portrayed in somewhat less vivid detail.

  2. I think there’s actually one more Discworld book due out this fall, although there’s been some speculation that Terry Pratchett’s daughter ghostwrote some or all of it.

    For myself, I don’t think I ever got around to reading the last book in Larry Correia’s Grimnoir trilogy, which is odd because the first two were really good. I also need to pick up Kim Newman’s ‘Johnny Alucard’ one of these days . . .

    • Yeah, Rhianna Pratchett seems to be the literary executor there.

      How does Grimnoir compare to Dresden Files? Similar concept, different execution, or are there greater differences?

      • Oh, it’s way different. It’s about a secret society of superheros in the 1930s of a world where superpowers – called magic, but practically speaking it’s more like the X-Men – began appearing in the 1850s, and their struggles against a much more successful Japanese Empire.

        They’re really quite good, if you enjoy alternate history and/or superheroics. It’s mostly on account of laziness on my part that I haven’t finished them yet.

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  4. I’d break Pratchett into several connected series. Otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed. Of the ones I read, the books about the Watch are my favorites. ^_^

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