Alphabooks: O is for One

O: One Book You’ve Read Multiple Times

Having peered through my bookshelves mentally, I concluded that most of the books I’ve read and reread have been discussed here, some more than once.

So time for something a little different:

Artemis Fowl

The eponymous character is, in brief, a 12-year-old criminal genius with lots of family fortune to throw around. Having both the faith of a child and the focus (and the aforementioned helpful resources) of an adult, he sets out to find a fairy and relieve it of its gold.Artemis Fowl

So that makes for a fun romp of a book even before one learns that the fairy People (of various species, including elves, trolls, dwarves, and goblins) live underground and are far more technologically advanced than one might expect. Holly Short, an elf who is part of the Lower Elements Police (Recon division – LEPrecon for short) winds up being kidnapped by Artemis and his Butler halfway through completing the ritual to renew her magical energy.

Beyond the thrilling showdowns, there’s threads of mystery (including a Very Important translation project – how great my joy!); Artemis seeking help for his mad mother and searching for his missing father; Holly’s devotion to her duty; Eoin Colfer’s environmentalist concerns; plots within plots and (to my delight) a fae delight in loopholes; and a fun mix of magic and tech.  There’s a fair bit of deus ex machina, especially where dwarf Mulch Diggums is concerned, but overall it’s a swift and entertaining story.


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