Alphabooks: M is for Major

M: Major Book Hangover Because Of…

Although I originally conceived of this prompt as “a story so intense or engrossing that you can’t quite get over it or emerge from that world for awhile,” I’m not certain if that’s what Ms. Jamie was going for.  So, going with my inclination to pursue all possible roads:

Book that made you stumble about, head swollenTechnopoly and 1984 are probably the most recent suspects for this one.  Both of them filled my mind with ideas and indicated that there was so much out in the world to perceive – though not all of it welcome.

Father Brown omnibusBook that gave you a headache:  The Father Brown Omnibus – but it’s not the book’s fault any more than it would be Tanqueray’s fault if I drank the whole bottle.  And the Omnibus has 53 stories, not a dozen or so: a Methuselah rather than a standard bottle, and all so delicious that I didn’t put the book down until my eyes blurred.

Book that made you throw up:  …okay, I included this because it seemed thematic, but this hasn’t yet happened to me.  Either it’s worked out quite neatly to avoid horror books, or I’ve repressed the memory of whatever dreadful thing provoked emesis.

Book that filled you with regret the next dayPostern of Fate.  I’d been warned that the Tommy and Tuppence books were not Agatha Christie’s best, but this one, written as she grew older and lost some of her edge, is probably the worst of the lot.

Book(s) whose world is hard to leave:  The possibilities are many!  After I read The Magician’s Nephew, I longed for some way to reach the Wood Between the Worlds.  After I read Harry Potter a couple dozen times, I brought up Hogwarts and all the implications of magic whenever it could possibly be applicable.  After I read The Silmarillion, I longed to hear the Valar singing together.  After I read The Hunger Games, I went shopping for groceries and was stunned by the amount of food I could just buy if I wished to.  After I read Gaudy Night, I wanted to retreat to an ivied tower to dig into some academic pursuits.  And so on.

What books have been intoxicating to you?


4 thoughts on “Alphabooks: M is for Major

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  2. Till We have Faces probably qualifies for the head-swelling and spinning…
    Headache? not sure.
    I’ve never thrown up because of a book, but Vinter’s Luck made me pretty sick before I put it down, and Lord of the Flies and Grendel both made me more than a little ill.
    Hmm, regret book. Pamela. Admittedly, I had to read it for an assignment, but oy…
    It’s hard for me to leave anything Tolkien (bet you didn’t see that one coming :P) and I want to live in the Mountain that George MacDonald describes at the beginning of The Princess and Curdie. There are lots of books that have a feel to them that I like, but very few that I actually wished to stay in.

    • Vintner’s Luck looks…weird. I probably escaped the worst of Lord of the Flies by virtue of reading it when I was too young to catch all the subtext.

      Someone once told me that if I ever wanted to be put off eating meat, I should read The Jungle. Which is enough to make me curious, really. Maybe I’ll get to it eventually…before fleeing away to Tolkienian vistas! The perfect chaser.

      • Whenever anyone complains to me about “escapism” I always want to say “if you don’t see the need for it, you’re either very sheltered, or not paying attention.”

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