Alphabooks: J is for Just –

J: Just Finished Reading

In the past two weeks, I’ve finished reading Postman’s The Disappearance of Childhood, Asimov’s I, Robot, and all the Girl Genius books (and, in addition, every comic strip that’s been posted online).

I want to do a proper review of Postman, and possibly one of Asimov.  For now, there’s work to do and more to read!


4 thoughts on “Alphabooks: J is for Just –

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    • !!!

      I am fascinated by that. How different is the experience of reading them after such a gap? I would probably have forgotten all but the outline of Puddleglum after so long.

      Note to self: write some flash fiction about the Wood between the Worlds sometime. And Bism!

      • To be honest, I’d forgotten everything but a mild impression. They are a lot shorter than I remember them, but they still have all the magic. Mostly, I guess, they leave me wanting more. Now I am going to go after LW&W through the Last Battle. Of those, I remember the 1st one fairly well (I think I read it again some time in high school) and Dawntreader a little.

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