Alphabooks: I is for Important

I: Important Moments of Your Reading Life

Two moments – or, well, two collections of moments – come to mind.

The 2011 Book Challenge
I don’t wish to pine for the past, but May 2011 was a splendid month of writing and reading. Not wanting to be swayed by anyone else’s thoughts about the Book Challenge, I forced myself to collect and write out my thoughts before reading the responses of Melpomene, Thalia, or David; the deadline of curiosity worked better than anything else.  Their writing was of such a caliber and their choices so well-defended that I began to reread my chosen books, in whole or in part, so as to bring mine up to scratch.  The slight pressure was like being in school, but with a single subject.  It kept my mind focused, my writing sharp, and my reading more engaged.

My Library Card
When I got a card for the Ann Arbor library system, I blogged about it, confident that it would prove a useful tool.  But I hadn’t really anticipated how useful, as I have underutilized libraries my entire life.  They were, in my youth, an occasional treat: one or two books at a time, not 40-60 books and CDs.  I’d had to find them myself and check out when the library was open, whereas now I can request a title online, ask for it to be checked out to me, and pick it up from a storage locker long after the library itself closes.  And if I like, I can go back through my checkout history and my wish list to see what books I’ve read, and which I still wish to check out and read.

The library doesn’t change the books themselves, but it has changed the landscape of my reading life in pretty significant ways!

What moments shaped your reading life?



4 thoughts on “Alphabooks: I is for Important

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  2. My mother reading to me as a child is probably the reason I love stories, reading, and writing. Without that, I think, the combination of dyslexia and attention-deficit issues might have barred that world to me forever. Scary thought, that. Thank you mom!

    Since then? Probably the time I actually made it through LotR from beginning to end. I had a couple of false starts, but when I finally got it, it changed me.

    • Ohhhh, hurrah for your mum!

      I’m due a reread of LotR…but…well, I guess I’m resigned to that reread being *overdue* by the time I finish my present round of library/other borrowed things.

      • Audio book. Some books are better read than heard, while some are the opposite. LotR does both very well. But if you haven’t before, and it seems intimidating, try to find the unabridged version narrated by Robert Ingles. His singing is wretched, but his reading is fantastic.

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