Alphabooks: D is for Drink

D: Drink of Choice While Reading

On one hand, I can and do drink anything whilst reading: water, a gin and tonic, chocolate milk, ginger beer,Cupboard Gatorade, coffee, wine, whiskey, pop, or any given cocktail.  If I’m already drinking something as I pick up a book, or if I get thirsty whilst reading, any beverage will do.

But then again, that is a scandalous falsehood.  For tea is the obvious drink.  Our kettle’s always on the stove, cabinets of tea and mugs directly above it.  The mugs big, solid, and so abundant that there’s always some standing ready no matter how many I’ve left, empty or nearly so, in my bedroom.

Tea typesOn one hand: any kind of tea will work.  Black, green, herbal; English Breakfast, Earl Grey, or spiced orange; blends like Lady Londonderry, Monk’s Blend, Enchanted Forest, or my Sherlockian teas (especially John Watson and, surprisingly, Anderson).  Harney & Sons Royal Wedding tea is delightful.  Cuppa Joy is delicious.

But then, which do I reach for first, and last, and most often in between?  What do I actually make when I need a break from a story, and sip as I sit back down?


Generally, Tetley with heavy whipping cream and a bit of sugar.

Creamy teaYou know that Melpomene and Urania would both commend cream tea to you!  It is a most august and wondrous tradition.

What’s your go-to reading refreshment?


6 thoughts on “Alphabooks: D is for Drink

  1. I agree, tea feels like the most appropriate choice for a reading beverage. (Unless you are reading Hemingway or something, in which case you might want to go straight for the hard stuff.) My newest innovation to my tea drinking routine is coconut milk (prompted by the discovery that dairy and I are not really sympatico). Full fat coconut milk, right out of the can, makes the most scrumptious cup of cream tea, with Earl Grey, Assam, Chai, you name it! And it feels so delightfully exotic. (It also makes a darn good caffe au lait.)

      • I’m pretty sure they make Thai tea with regular milk, (maybe even sweetened condensed milk). But coconut milk has a natural sweetness to it which is amazingly delicious. So I still recommend it!

  2. Tea is certainly the best drink for reading. As the Japanese Proverb goes, “The man with no tea in him cannot perceive truth and beauty.” My favorites are classic black teas and the more oxidized oolongs–not as much of a fan of green tea these days. Of course, it can be fun to read with a good scotch, cognac or rum in hand.

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