Concerning Things Categorical

It being the start of a new year, there have been a very few minor changes here.  Specifically, the tabs at the top – “Egotists Create,” “Muse-ings,” and “Reviews” – have been updated, and a few items shifted around.

The process of so doing, of course, prompted the question “Is this useful?”  On one hand, if there aren’t that many new posts, well, then perhaps organizing or re-organizing the older content is moot.  But then, if there aren’t additional new musings, it might be more important than ever to render old posts easier to find.

“Creative Writing” also seemed a somewhat problematic subcategory, as any somewhat-intentional stringing together of words could qualify for it.  So that list has now been trimmed to certain stories and monologues, while original poetry – be it high-brow and allusion-rich, pattering doggerel, sonnets, parodies, or song – has been filtered out into its own section.

Muse-ings, meanwhile, remains a bit more elusive; it’s partly broken down into the quasi-academic, the humorous, that concerning the sexes, discussions and analysis of poetry, language usage, translations, and the seasonal, but there remains a goodly chunk of Uncategorized Whimsy.

Do you have any thoughts on this?  Do you just utilize tags or categories?  By all means, let us know what would make for easier reading or searching; we’ve love any feedback.


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