Culinary Ingenuity, Part 2

Tonight, I made a batch of crepes, and used them to wrap up some fried rice (made with leftover mushroom risotto, of all things, plus the requisite soy sauce and egg) and chorizo into breakfast-for-dinner burritos.  There were fridge pickles to go with it, and a sweet crepe for afters.

Am I

1) marvelously effective at cleaning out the fridge;

2) consuming four times the daily sodium recommended by the AHA;

3) profoundly disturbed;

4) terribly avant-garde;

5) overly fond of crepes and incidentally fresh out of black raspberry jam;

6) the single cause of every mess in the kitchen this week;

7) the reification of the American melting pot, at least where my dinner is concerned; or

8) all of the above?

Is this a beautiful example of household economy, or some kind of cry for help?

Is this a beautiful example of household economy, or some kind of cry for help?

On a less-rhetorical note: has this kind of madness ever manifested in your kitchen?  Odd as this concoction was, I still think my dad took the cake some 18-20 years ago.  He would always prepare a Sunday evening snack to sweep leftovers out of the fridge, but eventually found that some of the space was occupied by rarely-used, mostly-but-not-quite-empty cans of frosting.  One Sunday, he decided to serve them with graham crackers.  They sold, more or less, and so after that he put the frosting out again – which was great until we ran out of graham crackers and he put out saltines instead.  But it was, I suppose, ahead of the curve on the salty-sweet fad.  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to use up leftovers?


7 thoughts on “Culinary Ingenuity, Part 2

  1. I was choosing “all of the above” before I saw that there even was an “all of the above.”

    I don’t think I am ever in the position of doing weird stuff with leftovers. I usually end up just watching them rot or mold. Although once I did make an ill-fated casserole with a bunch of leftover canned stuff before one of my moves.

    • Ha! How well you know me ^_^

      I must admit that though I have a pretty good track record with reheating and consuming about half of my leftovers, the other half generally go to waste, and using them in this funky way is pretty far outside the common.

  2. I fall far short of your visionary use of leftovers. I will try to make hashes or roasted collections of veggies on the brink, and will do weird things to make up sauces (rarely with much success) but my leftovers usually get eaten as themselves or not at all.

    On a side note, the above crepes sound really good to me.

    • Hashes! What a good plan. Sometimes it’s possible to use roasted veggies in quiche, but nothing comes to mind beyond that. I keep thinking I should make more curries, though, and perhaps that’d be a good place to throw roasted veggies in.

      I am a little bit obsessed with crepes at the moment – partly because I am sure to have the ingredients on hand, and partly because they feel like a classy way to consume jam and Nutella and cheese.

      • Curries… vegetable korma, maybe? Stew is another good place for veggies, though they get the life cooked out of them that way.

        I envy you. I’ve never successfully made a crepe.

      • They’re totally doable! I reckon having a nonstick pan and a good spatula (OXO’s cookie spatula works well for me) is half the battle.

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