May the Fourth Be With You

More Fourth Power.

Egotist's Club

In the interests of all things classic, punny, and awesome, happy Star Wars Day!

Today is a day to celebrate rogue smugglers and nice guys. Sometimes they are the same person.

Today is a day to find your old, (or new,) collapsible lightsaber, and have an epic battle on the front lawn. Even if you are by yourself, go kick invisible Sith butt!

Today is the day to read, or reread, one of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. (All other Star Wars books are pointless.)

Seriously, before Disney ruins the post Ep VI Star Wars ‘Verse, read Timothy Zahn. Go enjoy Mara Jade.

Today is the day to weigh in on this discussion.

Today is the day to wrap your wrist in wires, and pretend you have a bionic hand.

Today is the day to wear a brown cloak, and walk around like you could mind trick everyone.

Today you stride up to the mall…

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