Open Post-It Note to Nosy Strangers

Dear _____________, 

I am from the Midwest. Not the UK. My “accent” is a result of clear enunciation. 

Please stop staring. 




(There, now I’ve said it to the internet, everyone will know, right? I won’t have to give people at the mall/ in cabs/ at the checkout line any more funny looks. I won’t have to try to find a polite way to say I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 20 years, just like they have? Please, internet, make the awkward go away.)


6 thoughts on “Open Post-It Note to Nosy Strangers

  1. So many people used to ask me this, that I started to make up stories about going to school in the UK. But my “accent” is starting to fade a bit. Either that, or people are to afraid of my fierce demeanor to ask.

    Also, I once heard a fellow former homeschooler describe his very faux accent as the result of watching too much BBC in childhood. Despite the pretentiousness, it does make sense!

  2. I have gotten this reaction far too many times. My favorite though, is when I tell people that I’ve never outside the States and they say, “Oh, but are you sure you didn’t live in England even for a little bit?”

    Because it’s perfectly normal to forget having lived in a foreign country.

    • Since I no longer look 20, people do ask me where I lived before (ummmm, still the Midwest, really), but no one has insinuated that I have major amnesia… 🙂 Are you sure, my dear Tale Weaver, that you haven’t been conked on the ‘ead?

  3. I’ve been asked where I’m from quite a bit too, although it usually stems from the fact that people look at me, think I’m from another country (mostly Northern Europe), and then are genuinely surprised when I tell them I’m an American, wholly and completely (this is generally after we’ve been speaking for a few minutes). But I’ve had acquaintences ask too, and it can be hard not to spit out some smart reply about being educated.

  4. I get funny looks from people when I say I am from Tennessee… Canadians, especially, seem disappointed by my lack of drawl. It ain’t my fault city life waters down a good accent. 😉
    I have, apparently, watched too much Canadian tv. It comes out sometimes. Accents are odd things.

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