Female Sexuality in the Christian Church, Part Two: Modesty and Girl Power

Part two of Em’s post on feminine sexuality. Her remarks on modesty issuing from inward virtue, rather than a legalistic measurement of skin covered vs. skin exposed, makes me say “Amen!”

Emily Jacobs

(If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading Part One of this post before proceeding .)

Women—our bodies and minds—are powerful. This power should not be hidden away out of fear, guilt, or shame, but celebrated and exercised appropriately, with good stewardship. Examples of “strong female characters” exist in myth and legend, plays and books and movies, in the Bible and human history

The Lord chose to bring Jesus Christ into the world by way of Mary’s body. The intelligent and beautiful Abigail became David’s wife after using cunning, charm, and hospitality to convince him not to slaughter her husband Nabal and his men (leaving that to God). The Book of Esther centers on a young woman whose beauty wins her the favor of the king, which she then uses to save the people of Israel. Female missionaries such as Elisabeth Elliot, Amy Carmichael, and Ann Hasseltine Judson demonstrated…

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