The Egotist’s Club Turns Three!

We are ancient. At least in blog years. But it has been a good three years. We have laughed, we have cried, we have rhapsodized, and we have slacked off. Unfortunately, the pressure of being an adult in an adult world seems to sap our cognitive and scribbling strength. But we have been doing better lately, haven’t we?

It was an eccentric, but delightful partnership between Thalia and myself that began this blog. (The story is related here.) It was in part as a challenge to practice writing (haha) and in part as an outlet for snark and craziness. We have matured and grown in wisdom since then, moving onto grander flights of fancy and deeper plunges into melancholy than ever before. Sometimes we chose to share these with you, and sometimes we did not. Consider that to be both a blessing and a curse.

And as we approach middle-age-blogdom, it is time to reflect on all the changes that have happened in our lifespan. So, it the last three years:

  • The Bosen-Higgs (“god”-particle) was confirmed.
  • Youtube started showing commercials in from of most videos.
  • Melpomene finished M.A. course work and began teaching.
  • Doctor Who regenerated.
  • ObamaCare turned out to be a huge mess. (Who could have foreseen that?)
  • Justin Beaver got arrested, apparently. Who is he again?
  • Peter Jackson Returns! Oh, I mean, The Hobbit Returns! Twice.
  • Thalia quit a soul sucking job in a cold place and moved to another cold place where she is much happier.
  • The Pope retired.
  • The new Pope is pretty cool. (Speaking as a biased Papist.)
  • Christians are being persecuted in Egypt and China. Wait, that’s not new . . .
  • Yes, Hell (MI) did freeze. May I digress here and say how that phrase has always bothered me? Dante’s Inferno  clearly states that the bottom level of Hell is already frozen over, and is kept that way by the frantic beating of Satan’s wings as he attempts to escape the ice encasing him from the waist down. Which is the most fantastic image of the futility of sin ever. And thus, it is true.  Essentially, everyone should stop saying “When Hell freezes over”.
  • Melpomene’s car was crushed under the force of a raging Texas driver.
  • The world did NOT end.
  • Queen Elizabeth II marked her 60th anniversary of becoming British monarch, being only the second to do so.
  • The Twilight atrocities finished.
  • Kateri Tekakwitha was canonized as the first native American saint.
  • Urania entered a prestigious PhD program.
  • Putin becomes dictator president of Russia.
  • Speaking of Russia, where are we holding the Winter Olympics?
  • Also, did you know that a meteor crashed into Russia last year?
  • A country (not Russia) declared bankruptcy. Yes, a country. I am still not sure how that works.
  • It is now possible, (but very expensive,) to have a pet fox.
  • Terpsichore kept the Egotists afloat during a very long and dry spell of anti-writingness.
  • Speaking of Terpsichore, apparently Harry Potter is returning.
  • Matthew Crawly was killed off. Just as he was starting to develop a personality, too!
  • Frozen AND Tangled cam out, possibly the best Disney movies since Pixar was consumed.
  • Speaking of freezing, it snowed in TEXAS! Today I passed a little John Deere riding tractor with a  repurposed fertilizer spreading salt on the roads. Apparently that is the Dallas Salt Truck. (I assume it was salt because even Texans don’t fertilize the concrete. Although . . . that could explain the monstrous sizes of these roads.)
  • Mel got a tumblr. It sort of counts as blogging.
  • Somewhere, (ahem, California,) there are a whole bunch of former fifth graders who were encouraged to read A Wrinkle in Time by their teacher, and now send her emails every few months to discuss what they are reading.
  • SHERLOCK RETURNED. And there was much fanservice all around. (Errr . . . good? bad? Who knows?)

Ah, to look back over the good old days. Thus far, it has been a fair blog-life. So, pour a glass of whiskey and/or tea, sit back, and peruse all the wisdom, musings, silliness, and musing that have poured forth from us so far, and look forward to the absolute awesomeness that is to come!


3 thoughts on “The Egotist’s Club Turns Three!

  1. I feel delighted by the fact that your tumblr has given evidence of you enjoying a part of Harry Potter that occurred after book 3! Though of course I am unsurprised, for McGonagall is awesome.
    re: Hell freezing over: Quite apart from Dante and the relative merits of an icy/fiery hell…since I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life, the “Hell (MI) froze over!!” joke stopped being funny about 15 years ago. So yes…people should just stop it.

    • Yes, I have a seen a few HP movies. (I might have attended a “Potterthon” a few weekends ago, mainly to hang out with friends, but watching the movies was a side affect.) They have pretty scenery and cute guys, duh! And I like old professor McSnarky. I aspire to be a teacher like her.

      It amuses me that that joke resurfaces every few years and is treated like something new and original each time. But the whole phrase just needs to go away.

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