No One Minds the Cold

Did everyone see this list of cities allowed to complain about the cold? Ok, good. Geographically, I live just off the highway between #1 and #3. Right, that’s just for perspective on what we’re used to.

Yes, the Polar Vortex was quite cold. Folks brought their car batteries in at night, and re-installed them in the -18 degree dawn. Others…didn’t leave their houses, but report feeling quite warm. Then they admit to the long johns, down blanket, in-front-of-a-fireplace style existence and realize perhaps their scale is skewed (me…). But the Polar Vortex isn’t what people are talking about.

This week, we are getting snow. I’ve shoveled about 6 inches in the last 24 hours, in two installments. More is expected Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday, and Friday. (My cat is stalking my grapes by loving up my elbow. This is hard to write) The snow is what we’re talking about. It’s warm, a healthy 2-20 degrees. But the snow, it keeps on coming.

I was just talking to the lady across the street, while we shoveled out or mailboxes. Our conclusion to the problem of Winter was Shoe Cleats. People fall while they shovel, it’s just not right. Shoe Cleats. Because you might be ok this time, but you. will. fall.

All of this seemed quite sensible to me, until I realized that what I’d really like to do this afternoon is go down to the town pond and see how the ice is. If it’s at all smooth, I’d like to skate!

Skating… by strapping thin blades of metal to my feet and deliberately standing on ice. Then, gliding on ice, and knowing that friction melts the tiniest bit of water in the track of the blade I have strapped to my feet while sliding on the ice. Genius.

I conclude (because the cat is really very much in the way of my post shoveling grape eating revelry). The people who live where it is cold, do not mind the cold. They mind falling unexpectedly.


5 thoughts on “No One Minds the Cold

  1. As a Southerner (where we all collectively freaked out when temps hit the single digits recently), I can say I don’t mind the cold either. In fact, I’m jealous of your snow! Of course, I’ve never had to shovel snow, or worry about being stuck in the house…

  2. While I dearly miss snow and shiny ice, I cannot resist the opportunity to tell you; weather here is 65 and sunny. Yet my student complain of the nippy wind.

  3. Here’s another Southerner who envies your snow. I probably wouldn’t, if it were frequent and I had to do a lot of shoveling, but it’s so beautiful. I don’t think we’ve had outside ice thick enough to skate on since the ice-storm we had in the early 90’s. We lost power for several days and had to keep warm by heating bricks on our gas stove, but it was astonishingly beautiful outside.

    • That’s really cool, especially in memory. A bit tense at the time, I imagine, but really really cool.
      I don’t mind snow until late April. I will mind if it lingers until May. It did, in 2008…
      And my deltoid muscles say “You have to be kidding. I won’t lift one more shovel.” 🙂

      • I was a kid, so I mostly missed out on the tense and got to enjoy the beauty. Ah, childhood. 😉
        I wish I could do some shoveling for you. My muscles could use the work.

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