Summer Wonderment

I welcome Mel’s call to return a bit from wandering. Especially since, of late, I have been absorbed in various and sundry vexations which have tended to rob me (yes, even me) of my precious second sight. Not the witchy Macbeth style second sight. The double vision of a woman who sees the world through a prism, and doesn’t bother with a boring, flat mirror.

So, I will hold up my jeweler’s eyepiece and gaze again at the summer world.

  • Garden Weeds
    My brother the Dusty Thane used to do yard work for a lady who would mutter “Damn Creeping Charlie” under her breath as she pointed out the days weeding. What I never understood until this week is that weeding is a beautiful thing. I mean, wear gloves and all, since the grubs are still nasty, but weeding is lovely. Quiet, peaceful. The sun and the wind at your back. Slowly, all manner of troubles fall away, and in about 20 minutes, you’re humming.
  • Rainbows.
    N.B. Do not reveal that the earth is round. Just that raindrops are. *Wince* But even that is a marvelous thing. A tiny little raindrop (or two, or a million) can fill the entire sky with divided, layered, light.
  • People smile at people who are smiling at people who smile.
    It is contagious. Especially if you and 6 friends are riding a circular bicycle while singing The Piano Man as you careen through a hoity toity sort of city. Everyone wants to wave and take pictures. Happy people make people happy.
  • Live Fire
    Do you know what live fire is? It is army artillerists practicing with real ballistics. It is the sound of freedom, and, for me, of home. Late at night in the summer, the threefold shocks roll on.
  • Train Whistles
    The other sound of home. Lonely, through the winter nights. Lonely in the summer afternoons.
  • F-16s
    The other sound of freedom. They blaze through they sky and are gone before you hear them.
  • Concerts in the Park
    It’s not summer unless the city band has a concert on mosquito evening. It’s not the city band if the piccolo player isn’t unexpectedly capable, and the tuba player isn’t slightly overweight. The world is right, that night. The whole town turns out for a buggy rendition of popular favorites. Keep your eyes peeled. Comic things occur at outdoor concerts.
  • Roadside Flowers
    Specifically, the ones in your home state. The ones you know so well, you know what month it is by what is blooming, sometimes what week of the month. It’s mid-July in mid-Wisconsin. Time for those happy, orange roadside lilies and Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s a dusty riot here. Brilliant colors are gone, but the sun hasn’t bleached everything to August whites and yellows just yet.
  • Joss Whedon
    The last two summers, it has been Joss Whedon who made me love my life. Last year, I watched “Avengers” about ….7 times…. in the theater (it’s air conditioned…). This year, Much Ado About Nothing captured my heart. How could it do otherwise? My favorite actors, my favorite play to laugh about. Treated tenderly, treated humanly, treated beautifully. Oh, Mr. Whedon. You’ve done it again.
  • Nathan Fillion
    Secret’s out. Nah, it was never a secret. You=my hero. (not Hero…hero….)

2 thoughts on “Summer Wonderment

  1. For my mother, weeding is a time of meditation and prayer. I love that.
    And also, Creeping Charlie has a heavenly smell. I love having it in my yard just so I can weed it out of my gardens, smelling it all the while. Mmmmm

    I cannot wait to see Whedon’s Much Ado.

    Thank you for another wonderful post.

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