Independence Day

A meditation and poem for America on her birthday.

The Dusty Thanes

On this July 4th, there ought to be a lot of somber reflection, on the state of or liberty, on the condition of our morals, on whether or not we remain actually independent.


Our president behaves like a king, a petty king at that. He truly believes he has the authority to  alter and enforce laws passed however he pleases. This clear capricious behavior is most apparent in his making up the ability to give just about any group he likes wavers to his health care act, and now, his belief that he has the authority to decide, in contradiction to the terms of the bill, when which parts are enforced. This style of actions clearly demonstrates that Obamacare and many other acts like it are merely tools with which out tyrannous president punishes his political and cultural enemies. I am very much afraid that we have already slipped so…

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