Quirky Commentary Contest

I just drove 24 hours across the country by myself, and am still in one piece. For now.

Fortunately, I had some amusement on the way.

Like this sign.

Which found in abundance on Hwy 10 in New Mexico.


Poor Existential Dust Storms!

The not-so-repressed English snob in me snickers at the word choice. But I am too tired to do justice to the snarkiness possible here. (24 hours!)

Hence, our First Ever Egotists Commentary Competition!

The winner is the person who gets the most snickers from all the Muses combined. The prize is our eternal friendship AND respect.

Ready, set . . . GO!


One thought on “Quirky Commentary Contest

  1. On my trip, I also noticed (but had no opportunity to photograph,) a sign declaring “Gusty Winds Current”. Whaaaaaat?

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