A Rule for Life.

As a responsible citizen, I must ask Terpsichore to clarify before I begin wildly neologizing. I would like to set this forward as a rule for all responsible creative brainstorming as well as for any discussion and debate.

Define your terms! Shout it, if you’re talking quietly, and whisper it if you’re yelling. It will catch the attention and you’ll have a much better time communicating. Define your terms.

So, darling Terpsichore, in this instance, preceding a hilarious evening at the word mint coining, do you want a word for:

A) The act of breaking beautiful things as experienced by villainous Cumberbatches

b) The feelings of the mayor of the town/potentate of the principality upon beholding the fair things gone.

3) The feelings of the Hero who couldn’t save the breakage from breaking.

iv) Something else entirely.

And then shall we begin. mwahahaha.


4 thoughts on “A Rule for Life.

  1. At the risk of sounding bratty, I must point out that I was quite clear in what I desired. “I need a word for the distressed wince that accompanies the destruction of something fair to see” – the wince of the witness (any witness, not just the mayor/etc), the inward shudder that is not a generic response to unpleasantness, but specifically a twinge or inner flinching due to seeing a beautiful thing broken.

    I don’t suppose it needs to be film-specific. Surely it would be useful for witnesses of real-life car crashes, building demolition, or various natural disasters.

    Of course, it IS awfully useful for movies. Merida’s tearing at her mother’s tapestry comes to mind.

  2. Shoil, v (or n?): shudder/recoil … just a suggestion 🙂

    Also, congratulations! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! (sorry I had to notify you via comment …)

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