Coffee & Philosopher Kings

My eldest brother and I work at the same firm, and as such are placed favorably for the sharing of lunch, or jokes, or mild whinging over silly callers.  Occasionally, one of us will have planned well enough to have time to visit Dunkin Donuts on our commute; invariably, we buy two coffees, that the delight thereof may be shared and the morning brightened for both of us.

Having arrived ten minutes late today, amid the damp chill of not-quite-spring rains, I noted that it was the sort of day that made Dunkin Donuts coffee look even better than usual; most unfortunately, Peachy noted, that made it the sort of day when said nectar is impossible to procure.

Without the totem of caffeine to fix upon, we then were very easily led astray to discussions of other matters: cameras, court dates, and Kantian imperatives.  We pondered the extent to which Peachy is a monarchist within an American democratic-republic situation.  He really wishes for philosopher kings, but the trouble with philosopher kings is that anyone worthy to be one…would not wish to spend his days being one.  Desire of such an office precludes worthiness to fill it, as an especial need for coffee precludes obtaining it.

Philosopher King mug

On the bright side, should we ever find a worthy person, we have just the vehicle for his morning libation.


5 thoughts on “Coffee & Philosopher Kings

    • Hahaha, no, just the cars of others desperate for their stimulant of choice. But by the time you go there and back, you’ve gone 5 extra miles and spent 15 extra minutes, so it’s The Thing To Do when you’re early for work: a sadly rare occurrence of late.

      • Aw. I admit, I am a little disappointed by the lack of moats.

        I’ve recently had to fall back into my habit of getting to work before six in order to find parking, which leaves me about an hour at work in which I’m not allowed to work. If only there were a Dunkin Donuts within walking distance…

      • On one hand, I wish there were far more moats in my daily life; on the other, I’d pity the person with a caffeine headache attempting to lay siege to a shop whilst half-asleep.

        Then again, when the battle-mood takes a man, I’m sure he can throw aside trifles and call up the fighting blood despite a dearth of day-fuel.

        Getting to work before six…and having an hour in which you’re not allowed to work? Please tell me you don’t work for the USPS. Ea-la for there not being a Dunkin Donuts at hand!

  1. I’ve been known to make coffee in my sleep, which is arguably a lot more complex a task than swimming a moat. Assuming, of course, no one is firing arrows at one and the moat is not full of electric eels, or somesuch. and think how much better hard-won coffee would taste!

    Aw, poor Postal Service. No, I am not a postal worker, but a librarian. Still, I am a government worker of sorts and the silly policy of when I can and can’t work is due to bureaucracy.

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