De Primavera

People in the North say people in the South have no seasons. I’ve lived in Wisconsin and Kentucky and Georgia (among many others, but that gives a cross section) and I will say this.
Wisconsin has WINTER-(spring)-((summer))-Fall-WINTER. People say to me, “No more snow this year.” but they mean, please-no-more-snow-this-end-of-July. They mean, let this be enough for the 2012-2013 crossover. The mean, no more until October.

Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana may have the most even distribution of time per season. Along the Ohio River, the first day of spring often actually coincides with early flowers. Funny thought, both in the North and the South.

Because in Georgia….you can’t find the season line. Georgia goes Nice-Hot-Nice-Rain.

Back to Wisconsin. There is still some snow in piles lying about. It’s raining in the capitol today, but other places are renewing their acquaintence with shovels. Again. So Spring, when she deigns to come, is a precious and beloved gift. In the sheltered crook of a house’s arm, there are about 6 crocuses state wide. But the beauty of their bravery springs tears to the eye. Soon it will be on to daffodils and tulips and thence to irises, sunflowers, goldenrod and mums. But for today, let me tell you, the sight of a crocus considering full bloom is enough/


4 thoughts on “De Primavera

  1. I don’t think I would like living somewhere that didn’t have three months of Spring and three of Fall, even though I would like more snow and slightly-less-humid summers. It’s strange, isn’t it, the perceptions different regions of the U.S. have about other regions… at least, it is strange when one thinks about it. It’s “normal” human behavior, I guess.

    Crocus are among my favorite flowers. They come like fireworks just when the gray winter has become worn and weary.

  2. Ah, but speaking for Ohio…

    The key phrase is, “along the Ohio River.” The further south you go in the state, the warmer it is. Granted, it’s not quite Florida warmth, but in the middle of the state, winter tends to come a few weeks later and leave a few weeks earlier than, for example, the Toledo area.

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