A Word for Jeeves

A few weeks ago, Terpsichore and I shared around some invented words, and one, as you may recall, was Splendorkling.

A Splendorkling is an endearing, splendid, dork…basically. It’s a word for those of us who are more like Bertie Wooster than anything else. Or a word for those moments when we spill hot tea onto the white flannel trousers of our former headmasters. (How Right You Are Jeeves)

But Melpomene has requested a word to indicate a general Jeeves-ian outlook. Rather than sleep the other night, I lay awake working out the perfect word for Jeeves. When I hit upon a line of promising line of thought, I fumbled for a pen and an odd business card and wrote them out in the dark.

It was hard to decipher in the morning, but I was on to something. Here are a few candidates, and I throw open this forum for debate.




Magnibenecogitarianist. That deserved punctuation.


8 thoughts on “A Word for Jeeves

  1. I’m sorry, your use of a “Bene-” prefix has cast all my thoughts onto Mr. Cumberbatch, and there is nothing useful to be gotten from me at this point.

    Except perhaps a question: how often does Mel need to discuss Jeeves-ian folk? Somehow I feel that I know far more splendorklings than …erm…I was going to say “fustilarians,” but that actually means “stinkards” or “scoundrels” and doesn’t suit.

    I know far more splendorklings than gratiomen, anyway. There is that one bloke who tends to be a bit on the magnicognutilarian side of things (you know the one), but even he has his splendorkling moments.

  2. I’m a fan of the Benecognizant group, personally, but that’s because my tongue gets tangled on the rest of them. Elocution isn’t my strength. Also, it messes with my dyslexia far less than the others. O_o

    • I like benecognizant too. But then, if you’re a tumblr girl in the Sherlock loop….like… others of us… well, perhaps they can squirm their way through the more intricate verbiage. 🙂 Something for everyone. lol.

      • What if we did some kind of valet/valor/the archaic vail/valentia/valere mashup? Or am I falling prey to my old friend literalism again.

      • HAHA. If you’re not aware of why Terpsichore might find the ben- prefix distracting… just …. don’t…. go there…. you might never come back.

  3. I’m familiar with the show, but obviously not the fandom. If it has anything to do with Cumberbatch, though, I’d probably be safe. Not that he’s not wonderful, but he ain’t my type. 😉

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