Pedagogical Tattoos

You know, if I stay a violin teacher very much longer, I am most assuredly going to have some accidental tattoos. I’m just looking at my hands from teaching today. I have two girls (Same age, same name, same issues… very hard to tell them apart) that I see on Sundays. We’re working on making it so very easy to hold the violin/bow that they forget it’s not part of them.

I have a very magical x on the outside of my left index finger at the point where it meets my palm.

Correspondingly, a mystic dot on the interior side of my left thumb. There is a smiley face on the  tip of that thumb.

On my right hand, there is a dot on my thumb,the outside of my index finger, the inside second knuckles of my middle and ring finger and the tip of my pinky. Match them up to the bow, and things work better. It’s a constellation of pedagogic genius.

Unless they don’t wash off this time.


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