Nerd Alert

In the egotistical pride of my heart, I assume you are all as interested as I am in this. In fact, you may just say “huh” and chomp on your bagel and lox (do you eat lox? anyway) and move on with your day. But I still think this is waaaaay cool, and worth letting all ya’ll know about.

This is certainly and age of digital archiving. We have Project Guttenberg and imslp. Wait, do you know what imslp is? It is your best friend, if you are in music. Nearly everything public domain that your little heart may desire (as long as it’s not from France or Russia) is scanned in to imslp, for free download/printing/learning/performing. I got all the parts for Beethoven’s Romance in G op. 40 for my impromptu orchestra off there. No outlay of cost except printing fees…

So yes. Here’s another nerdy musical archive update. Because I simply collapsed with reverence and delight when I opened the files.

The New York Philharmonic is uploading parts. Parts that are marked and loved by New York Philharmonic musicians, with the wisdom and expertise that goes along with that.

(if you care enough to check it out yourself…. she said in a quick, guilty rush of self-deprecation, quickly abondoned in favor of a more realistic attitude)

Hurray, the interwebs! You are making yourself useful. Get yourself a cookie, interwebs. I love you today.


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