Tuesday with Thalia: Merry Christmas!

So you’ve opened your presents and been to church and now what should you do? The dinner isn’t quite Thanksgiving proportion, but you have still eaten too much. Really, you are feeling quite lethargic and a little bit fratchetty. What should you do?

Take a 6 year old’s recommendation. Watch the Muppet Christmas Carol.

Last week I took some bows to the luthier for a re-hair. It was long past time on them. The hair was so stretched and worn down and greasy that it took a plastering of rosin to get any sound at all, and that was gritty. Sorry to get technical, but I’m trying to emphasize the dire straits. It was a desperate situation. So I went to a luthier known for good prices and quick turn around.

His little girl is generally with him in his office. She’s a very sweet little girl. Loves pink and strums the cellos in the room with a quiet meditation. Last week I made friends. She was all dressed in pink and I was top to bottom blue. We talked about our favorite colors. While I wrote the check for the bows, she told me about a movie she’d seen with ghosts.

“Was that A Christmas Carol? Did it have 3 ghosts?”

“Yes, it was, but there are 4 ghosts.”

Precocious little nut. I forgot that Marley was a ghost. Bested by a pink preschooler. But her advice is good. If you are without a plan for this afternoon, go get The Muppet Christmas Carol. Which has 4 ghosts. Not 3. Silly Thalia.


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