Thalia and Terpsichore’s Dictionary: Take Two

Decadigit: Ten Fingered.

Lep: The bound of a leprechaun.

Fellowhip: 1) An elite fraternity of whips, all formerly belonging to Indiana Jones  2) The repartee that stings between friends. 3) You’ve got a hip on the right and its fellowhip on the left.

Forknowledge: An expert in cutlery, manners and the ways of life of the best families has a great deal of Forknowledge. He always places them correctly and there are never too many or too few.

Clough: When you laugh with a cold and cough at the same time as laugh.

Whelmed: Up to the nose, but not drowning. Just pleasantly up to the nose…

Lollopy: Characterized by a lack of fiber, moral and physical, combined with a general flabbiness of joint, muscle and mind.

Prerequistites: Pokey rocks in caves that have to take classes

Indentify: To punch a servant while under contract and leave a mark.

Doguheax: pronounced “Dose”. The singular of Dice. For real. As of now.

Josephatty – Someone who eats pączki out of season.


3 thoughts on “Thalia and Terpsichore’s Dictionary: Take Two

    • Thank you! Now you have a word to describe people like that too, and they’ll never know, unless they are wise enough to read this blog and then they’re on the right road and should be comforted. (my ego is apparently at high water mark. good thing this is a club of egotists)

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