Using Beefcake to Sell Milk

Over the weekend, I was reminded that some brilliant person decided to award the best television advertisements in the British isles with fama gloriaque.  The British Arrows celebrate the imagination, craft, and wit found in British ads, and the shortlist of the winners gets sent to various museums and art centers.

It’s basically like the Super Bowl, except without any American football being involved, and the ads themselves are better.

There were some surreal lager ads, poignant John Lewis (whatever that is) ads, even more surreal T-mobile ads, truly distressing anti-knife PSAs, and this beautiful (if utterly unrealistic) little gem that I figured y’all might appreciate:

Runner-up favorite: the Aldi shopper whose husband enjoys both the £3.99 and the £2.49 tea.  “But I don’t like tea,” she says.  “I like gin.”


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