Adventures in Egg-Juggling

Do you ever get the feeling that you have, without realizing it, begun juggling a wide variety of plates and balls and eggs?  More items get thrown to you and tossed into the mix; you have to keep them going instead of chucking any aside; and the more items, the faster it all moves.

The faster it moves, the more inevitable dropping everything seems.

At present there are 18 work-related tasks spread all over my desk, some 6 post ideas dancing around my brain, 33 open tabs in my browser, and one empty mug sleeping on the job.

I’m a glass of tea and a prayer away from having a faceful of eggs!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Egg-Juggling

  1. I wish all my eggs could be spread out on a desk or made into browser tabs that I could close easily (or maybe not so easily…). I feel like I have a whole farmer’s market of eggs, but on the inside. Figuratively speaking, not, like, ovaries or something. Definitely don’t want those eggs spread out on a desk.

    …I just ruined the metaphor, didn’t I?

    • I don’t think you ruined it, but you may have injected a bit of visceral horror ^_~.

      Seriously, though, I can follow how internal juggling is far more disconcerting and difficult than nicely external, visible tasks.

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