Tuesday with Thalia: Telling Typos

Typos are a varied lot. There are those that are due strictly to a machine malfunction. I am still referring to “nitgub”, which is I word I intend to use until I have fathomed its depths. But computers sometimes eat words too, by stalling in the middle of a polysyllabic expression of glory. Thus you can obtain treasures such as “mocatic” and “sueauaed”. (guess the word, come on…guess)

There are those that are due to ignorance. The words that you know you should have long ago coped with, but no matter how many times you type it and wait for the little red squiggle, you can’t remember the correct version. My Achilles heel is “Excersize”. I feel it deserves every possible letter to produce the correct sound. (barring “k”). Terpsichore, I know, has a word that caused great triumph when she could spell it off without checking. Perhaps she will weigh in and remind me what that was. It was a legal word, pertaining to her job, but it wasn’t “lien”, because that one’s easy. Sort of.

There are typos due to the speed of your brain outpacing that of your fingers, and typos because you had your hands off the home keys. Typos because someone interrupted you, and typos because you get distracted half-way and finish a word with one you over hear.

And then there are the ones that reveal the diamond like facets of the mind. Typos, based on homophones, that show where the lines of your mind run. My two favorites are these. I committed them recently, giving a sudden clear ray of light into the levels to which music history has become part of my outlook.

Re: The filing of old Photos/Medea
(This isn’t a demeaning reroute to wikipedia so you can find out who I mean. This is the best scary incantation aria ever, from Cavalli’s Giasone.)

In some ways, Stravinsky was rite.
(Again, not trying to insult. In 1987, the Joffrey Ballet recreated the original ballet of 1913. The music and the choreography belong together. )



8 thoughts on “Tuesday with Thalia: Telling Typos

  1. Guess the first: “democratic.” As to the latter, mayhaps “persuaded”? “Assuaged”? As it is, it seems an exemplar of ululation.

    My ignorance-based typos tend to be French in nature: hors d’ouevres (d’ouvres? D’ouevres?), boutonnaiere (boutonniere? The red squiggles helped out that time), etc. The legal word I finally conquered was “subpoena,” I believe, in which my hands *always* wish to type the p before the b even though a supboena is not anything. But I always manage to get the o-e in the correct order. I also recently conquered “connoisseur” ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    Typos with the hands off home row, they kiij sirt if kuje /cthuki takjubg (that is, they look sort of like Cthulu talking).

    Was “Medea” meant to be “Media”? Because at first I was wondering how you meant to type “photos” and got “Medea” instead.

    • Yeah, I was aiming for Media. Well done with connoisseur. I typed it while reading your lovely spelling. 🙂 I think it was subpoena that I recalled.

      • Having helped type up an opinion letter for the first time in months, I’m recalling how often my typos are due simply to my fingers getting tangled; “condominium” and “association” are nigh-impossible to get correct at top speed.

  2. I want a definition for “mocatic.” I like the feel as well as the sound of it.

    “typos because you get distracted half-way and finish a word with one you over hear.” I have a love-hate relationship with these, especially when they result in a correct but wrong word in the progression of a sentence. They can be hilarious and infuriating at the same time.

    There’s the dyslexia-induced typos, too.

  3. “Monochromatic” “Superannuated”
    Though for the most part, that is conjecture. I left out any telling letters…

    Mocatic- The condition of continually second guessing one’s decisions based on less than an accurate perception of fact. ie. Freaking out.

    That’s my first option for definition. Anyone else?

  4. It struck me as a property of something. Like “mocatic compound” meaning it periodically discharges electricity or something. I think I like your definition better, though. It’s more fun and more useful.

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