Risk Taking

“Ups and downs and ins and outs
Forevers and nevers and whys.
Befores and afters, dos, and don’ts,
Farewells and hellos and goodbyes.
Life is as string of perhapses,
A medly of whens and so whats.
We rise on our yeses and maybes.
We fall on our nos and our buts.”

As far as I can discover through basic google searching, Anonymous wrote this. That prolific penwiper. Do you suppose he was related to Pseudo-Odo*?

(*I was just going to add a mysterious link, but not even wikipedia knows who this man was. Basically there is a music theory treatise called Enchiridion Musices, and for a long time, everyone said Abbot Odo of Cluny wrote it. Somehow ‘everyone’ is now 172% certain he did not, but they don’t know who did, and don’t know what to call this 11th century Lombardic monk, so they tacked a fancy word for “fake” to Odo and that is what we call him. Psuedo Odo got one of the shorter ends of the stick in this crap heel ‘verse. Along with Pseudo-Bernelinus. And the Anonymous 1-7’s. That stinks too. But at least Anonymous 4 got a vocal group named after him. Psuedo Odo is rotting in a grave under a false identity. Imagine the paperwork when he riseth on the last day. But I digress.)


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