An Informative Video

Hi guys! Long time no…yeah… whatever. I’d be sorrier if I’d had reliable internet access. But today, I am sitting at my brother’s house, using my sister-in-law’s laptop, and the internet is working. We (my family) want to share what we call a “funny funny”. You know those neodymium magnets called Buckyballs? They are super fun to play with, but infuriatingly resist any attempt to return them to their original cubic shape. My brother tried for weeks, I tried for hours. It was hopeless until my brother came up with a “technique”. Do you know about men and their habits of having a technique for accomplishing everything? I do. Perhaps it’s not every man…but it’s every man I have ever met. Well, being of a humor to be silly, we recorded it, and being Egotists, the video is on youtube. In much the same manner as our extremely tongue in cheek “New York Times” style article on poetry, this has a wry tone.

(Yes, mine is one of the background voices. )


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