What am I getting in to?


And the greatest irony is that I make even less than the average… quite a bit less, actually. What’s a classy teacher to do? I want to buy all the pencil skirts!!

NB: J-crew gift cards always accepted.

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  1. Well… the cable installer works 250 days per year compaired to 190. Also… his salary is pretty mucus capped at that amount while teachers with your level of education progress very quickly to average salaries in the $60-$70k range. They also have the advantage of built in job satisfaction when they see their student’s progress.

  2. There is an interesting treatment of work in How to Think About the Great Ideas by Mortimer J Adler. Since he is a well known classicist and educator, you porblably already know him, but this book is the transcript of a television program he did in the 50’s in California. Very worthwhile.

  3. Not money, my friend. AWESOMENESS.

    Which is another way of saying we’re doomed to living in a small apartment packed with more books than we can afford, but at least we get summers off, and the satisfaction of knowing we’re, you know, needed.

  4. I wonder how many days it would count if all the time not in the classroom – planning lessons, grading, researching, creating assignments, etc – were added. And while I agree with you that teacher raises should be considered, it is mainly just strange that people who hook up wires deserve more money than half the of the people who are forming the next generation. Also, private academies and classical schools tend to pay even less than this average. Sad bear . . .

    But I guess the main issue here is that one cannot live on awesomeness alone. But maybe one can on books . . .

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