Living Simply

My Beloved and much arrant sister has returned from her wastreling  in the arid hills of Texas! Oh joy and jubilation! There is nothing that can replace the real live company of a close sister. Although we have not had as many adventures together as we did when we were little, jousting with the old read in the garden, building castles and walls and towers then knowing the down! Ah such fun times! squabbling over books and writing make believe letters back and forth!

Sadly the necessity of working gets in the way of our sisterly companionship. Sigh.

Furthermore, she is desirous of me to write more. Quite strangely insistent. In fact she wants me to write about a TV show called “Avatar: The Last Air Bender” and in remembrance of our good times together as  little girls, I shall be very stubborn and write about something else entirely.


Sometimes things are too complicated in life. Complex  things can be beautiful and intriguing  and they can reveal many true, good, and beautiful things, but for me the most beautiful and the best things happen, or are revealed through simple things.Some of the most beautiful and revealing pictures that I have seen are not from the great masters (though I have MUCH to say on those, they are the love of my life…), but the simple illustration in my favorite  telling of St. George and the Dragon, where Una, the princess is in the role of Mary, or the Church depending on how you read it. It is through these pictures that I first came to  a beginning of an understanding the grace and strength  there is in true womanhood. It also taught me much about humanity and men. Strange, huh. Everything is intertwined! OoooOOooh!

And it is amazing that something with so many pagan elements (Fairy Queen and going her castle when this earthly journy is over, etc.) can be so Christian. It is a great testament to the universality of the Faith, that even though there are things that just plain arent compatible with it, it can still take what is good, the seed of truth that every culture and faith contains, and bring it into harmony with Truth. Ah, the beauty of our faith.

Simplicity can be beautiful and illuminating, but it simplicity also offers a rare moment for joy and amusement. Take Disney’s animated tale of Robin Hood. Oh joyous jubilation of of witty and charming script, beautifully draw animation and a simple, direct story filled out with characters that do not need moments of weakness to make t hem human (despite their animal forms).

Such childlike things have a clarity and simpleness that is not commonly found in grown-up writing, yet for all that, these works of art are for adults as well.  The child like belong especially to God, but that does not mean ‘the immature’, it means the simple, the wonderfilled.  It means being so ready to love and be loved, that it is not even a question. And these things of our youth often draw this out more than things that are considered ‘for adults’.

Oh, dear, I find that inadvertently I have been talking about “Avatar” all along. Ah, yes, it fulfills all these things, and more. It is a charming tale and I invite you to sit down and watch it slowly, and enjoy it! Then still your mind and think.

And Sister, this does not mean that you have won!



P.S.  Zuko is awsome!


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