Slight Misnomer

I am in Heaven. Yes, it is true. I’m at a University known far and wide for its string pedagogy and I am here to study just that with the best teachers the US of A can offer. Today is the first day of the retreat and this morning at 8 am, I was handed a MASSIVE binder of resources, internet access, a parking pass, an audition time and the most extreme schedule of events I have ever seen in my life.

This retreat is not a retreat. It is 10 days of multiple 3 hour classes, concerts, observations times and private instruction. If I’d wanted, I could have gotten 4 credits for it. (maybe 5?, I forget). This retreat is not for the faint of heart, or those without pens and a notepad. It is not for those who quail at labyrinthine buildings, nor for the directionally disabled who are easily lost. It is not for those who find lockers quaintly middle school, or for those who cannot network. This is a challenge. Can you, will you, should you accept?

Yes, but I will be over and out blog-wise until early July. Until then, my dear ones, be well. If I can snatch a moment, I will relate the story of running into an old friend 4 years, almost to the day from when I met him.



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