Oh My Gosh. There are FISH in my hair!

This, is an addendum.

My brother #3 should be hired as the creative director onto this blog.

If only we had the funds with which to hire him.

In the midst of last night’s insomnia induced rambling on the joys of homecoming, he wandered downstairs and proceeded to watch me slowly type out the blurry thoughts that tried to form a post.

He patted my arm, and then gently informed me that I needed a more random title.

Something eye-catching, and strange.

Off the top of his head, he suggested, “OMG, there are FISH in my hair!”

Thus, this post is dedicated to him.

And it begs the question:

How much of an effect DOES a title have on the interest drummed up in a article?


2 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh. There are FISH in my hair!

  1. Well, I came back to read the second part. After all those lovely slightly eccentric activities, who knew? It might happen. Does your brother have any friends? (wink, wink)

    • Well, you never know what odd things this family gets into!

      Do you know, he actually DOES have friends? And once I finish teaching him to dance, he might even have friends of the opposite sex! *gasp*

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