Hot Hot Hot Monday

It’s summer now, yes indeed. We Egotists hope that you are all on vacation, barbequing things, swimming in pools and otherwise enjoying June.

We hope that you are not stuck indoors, or feeling sad and mopey. We’d like to think that this Monday all the recommendations you need are for happy times and places, so we bring you a few suggestions for summer reading, summer drinking and happy summer tunes.

Somehow the ukelele makes me think of summer days. So listen to Iz. Surely you know him? The Hawaiian singer who did this Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Terpsichore has a brand new drink for you to try out. Read all about it over on her blog, Cocktail Phalanx! It includes a brief tale of our cheery cherry hijinks.

Hopefully you will drink these with picnic food. FRIED CHICKEN!

I’m at a loss for what would make really good summer reading. Hopefully Mel can swing in here and rescue me from having No Good Recommendation for you all.

Happy Midsummer Week!




5 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot Monday

  1. Here are some!

    Anne of Green Gables; Brideshead Revisited; Carry On, Jeeves; Dandelion Wine; Evil Under the Sun; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them; The Great Gatsby; The Hobbit.

    And once you’re that far through the alphabet, why, it will probably be next week.

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