A Most Auspicious Occasion

Which would be . . . . the birthday of Dorothy L. Sayers.

It would be a poor thing if we, as the Egotist’s Club, passed over the natal day of the woman from whom’s writing we have derived our identity.

“The Egotist’s Club”, described first in the Wimsey short story “The Man with Copper Fingers”, and mentioned – more saliently to our purpose – was created by Sayers one of the Gentleman’s Clubs frequented by Lord Peter.  I would like to think that it was a nod to the literary publication of Pound and Eliot called, “The Egotist”.

Sayers was a brilliant academic, who wrote many essays, stories, and translations. She was one of the first to translate Dante into English keeping the terza rima scheme, although she died before she could finish.

And despite the turmoil and difficulty of her personal life, her thoughts are beautiful. Her mystery stories are unique in being not only character driven, but in delving into the consequences of the different ideas and approaches to life. Each story is really an exploration of how ideas affect decisions, how philosophies can kill.

Ms. Sayers, your imagination spurs ours. We raise a glass in your honor. Cheers!




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