Merry Monday!

Morning Ya’ll!

I hope you had a restful, exciting, fun, or successful weekend. But here it’s Monday, and that is not always a happy thing. As I have said before in a silly doggerel,

“Monday morning is the worst
Against life’s waking it was cursed.”

But there is hope! We Egotists have weapons against the “mneeeeaaarrgh” of Monday, and we are here to share some of those weapons with you today.

Terpsichore is delighted that the warm summer weather has fully come. She recommends you get yourself some nice bourbon and create a Havana Bourbonade with it. Check out her blog for directions!

I, Thalia, am feeling dippy and surreal on this drippy and serious day. Nothing suits my mood quite as well as the Debussy violin sonata. Written in 1917 right before Debussy died, this lovely sonata is full of colors, timbres, and impossible imaginings. James Ehnes, my violin hero, plays a gorgeous interpretation.

The two of us are trying to use up the cans in our pantry before we move out and have to heft their cheap but valuable bulks around. We’re going to make some delicious Tomato and Sausage Risotto, recipe by the fabulously wise food oracle Deb.

Melpomene hasn’t really told me what she thinks you should read today, but I’ll pass along a recent recommendation that she made to me. Make a bourbonade, listen to the Debussy and read Richard Wilbur’s The Writer .

Have a great week!


The Egotists



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