Sonnet Duel Second: SH

Thalia has had a bit of a rough week.  I think I may fairly say that most of her energies have been directed in non-poetic pursuits, such that she was ready to concede defeat to the Dusty Thane and The Edge.

But as in all duels, it seemed meet and right for her to have a second, one who would battle in her stead and let her grab some healing potion catch a breather or whatever dueling poets need to support this poesy and life.

It would also be fair to say that this is not my best, and it is rather spoiler-laden for anyone intending to watch the BBC series Sherlock who hasn’t gotten around to it yet.  I shall say it again:  Spoilers ahead.  Go watch it and get back to us.  

Bring tissues.


We watched him leap and plummet to the ground,
forsaking life to save those lives he loves –
his limbs gone limp, his crushed head bloodied ‘round,
with no one reassuring us he bluffs
but for that glimpse once John had left his grave.
We eagerly that fiction seize and trust
which somehow shall the great detective save –
how terrible to love what death can touch!
The greatest fan owns death’s reality,
and shoves a slew of souls in its direction.
For all we can’t evade mortality,
we sure do love to see a resurrection!
I think there must a greater reason be
than Sherlock’s vowed return in Season Three.


5 thoughts on “Sonnet Duel Second: SH

  1. Spoiler Alert: Remember that he has a double somewhere… the girl who screamed when she saw him. Also, he has five “friends” not the three who M thought he has. The other two are the gal in the hospital lab and the woman he helped escape death by the sword…
    Not sure how, but I believe that these things are key. Perhaps a mask of himself on M– the one used in the kidnapping? Perhaps that was M who actually was tossed with said mask on and lab-girl provides the positive ID despite facts to the contrary?

    • Duly noted. I got as far as thinking “Obviously someone had an SH mask when the kids were taken” but couldn’t get much further with it.

      And yet…and yet…the call to JW couldn’t have been faked, could it? Perhaps I must revisit the concept of confidentiality in a setting where everyone loves to spy on everyone else.

      Obviously MH (“lab-girl”) plays an important part – probably drew some blood earlier on like the expat in The Great Game. But the fall – what do you do with the fall?

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