Thursday Dances: Vade Mecum

And now for another question I have never pondered before.  The hypothetical husband is agreeably alliterative, but so nebulously nonexistent that it’s distracting me from the book question.  The hypothetical honeymoon just makes me laugh, because while it’s true I never travel without at least one volume in hand, I don’t think books would top my list of packing priorities.

“So discuss the books that are integral to understanding you!”  Hmm.  I’ve already talked about a lot of integral books.  Check the archives, my dear future spouse, and be sure you’ve read them.  That is all.

Oh, that’s not all?  Well, fine.  Get me your respective list and I’ll try to read it.

Still not satisfied?  Greedy, I calls it.  I suppose I’d take Perelandra along.  Gaudy Night would make for interesting reading and perhaps a fair amount of important discussion; nothing like going from academia to the writing of books to methods of defense against possible stranglers to that dance between the sexes to haggling to punting to fiscal responsibility.  If it gets too heavy, one can skip to the sections where St. George turns phrases and smashes meringues.

Since I never really travel with just two books in hand – my friend will recount how I once set myself a limit of 5 books but packed 8 “because these three are skinny” – may as well toss in a smaller collection of Calvin & Hobbes (Yukon Ho! or suchlike).  And of course it’d be fun to read aloud from O Ye Jigs & Juleps!, which is my newest hysterical collection of essays (and the only such collection by an 11-year-old writing in 1904).  Should my lace handkerchief see no other opportunity for use, we could read (or recite?) The Ballad of the White Horse.  Five volumes would be a respectable number without weighing us down too much in Algarve or the Grand Canyon or wherever (am I a liar?  I could be vastly mistaken or a liar).

Other considerations:  Narnia would precede the engagement if not the third date, as would Brideshead Revisited and a particular collection of Ray Bradbury called The Toynbee Convector and Other Stories.  If he hasn’t read Harry Potter, he might survive but he’d get confused fairly often.  The Four Loves could be reread on anniversaries or other appropriate occasions.  Not to mention that hopefully, said fellow has his own contributions to the luggage and the library!

I could be won over by this library.


22 thoughts on “Thursday Dances: Vade Mecum

  1. LIBRARY PICTURES… (drool)
    Love your phrasing here. So witty. So true.
    You are a bit given to packing….densely. But wisdom does prevail and you don’t forget your toothbrush….

    • I do not normally consider myself mercenary, but I might be among those who would marry the Beast for his library…

      ^_^ Heard you liked alliteration, so I alliterated a lot.

      Is it weird that I really wish that I had Hypothetical Husband’s book-list? If I can’t know anything else about him yet…

  2. That’s what we need – a dating service based *entirely* on literary preferences and, ummm, library size. 😉 Essays on thematic elements or favorite lines/tropes/authors would suffice for profiles. I’m pretty sure I could marry a man based entirely on knowing his top 25 or so books – we would have plenty to talk about!

    Assuming said dating service worked out and my hypothetical husband becomes a substantial spouse (your alliteration was lovely!), I for one might take Dante’s “La Dolce Vita” on my honeymoon, a sweet love story with plenty of sonnets that introduced me to the world of medival literature. Sigh.

    • Hahahahaahahahah!

      That might be one of the first dating services to tempt me. I’d better take care that prospective suitors don’t think I’m Anglican on account of all the CSL…

      “La Dolce Vita” sounds lovely…have you a copy? Might I borrow it? ^_^

    • Thalia said she would get me a Kindle as a wedding present. Seems like the kind of thing that would kill all romance, but then, I might have a weird sense of what’s romantic…

  3. Was this on the trip to Seattle? If so, then I find that even more amusing by the fact that you read an entire book (not your own) while on the trip, and did you buy books at the bookstore too? I can’t remember whether you refrained because of the number of books you already had or whatnot.

    • I’m pretty sure it was Seattle! And I read at least two books, but…they were sort of quick reads…and then I think I bought about 12 or 14 books between various bookshops and library sales. But not at EBC books because they were closed (though the cafe was still open, as they were so eager to tell us).

  4. Wait, is that library/bookstore picture from Seattle? Because I live in Bellingham (1.5 hours north) and MUST SEE THAT PLACE OH HEAVENS.

    Loosely stated, my husband brought the non-fiction half of our library with him into marriage, and I brought the fiction. We duplicated Shakespeare and Narnia and the Tolkien books, though. Very important. He read Harry Potter to please me–which was helpful, since he wound up attending wizard rock concerts at which I performed–and I read Orthodoxy (and went head over heels in love, I might add, with Chesterton and the Church and the potential husband all in one great burst of passion.)

    Also, we went into a bookshop on our honeymoon and bought books AND even found some bits of time in which to read them. 😉

    • Oh gracious me…no…they’re hard to see, but Beauty and the Beast are in front of the fireplace, for that is the Beast’s Library Of Great Wonder. I *wish* it were in Seattle, though!

      The rest of that sounds like a tale of wonders. Wizard rock concerts? Orthodoxy? A honeymoon of bookstores? Such delights!

      • HAHA. Should have known it was too fantastically colored to be real! That’s what I get for never having watched Beauty and the Beast.

        As for everything else, I recommend it. Such delights can be hard to find, as I well know, but let me never deny that they’re indubitably a worthwhile pursuit. 😉

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  7. I think we all know Beauty married the Beast for his library…

    Calvin & Hobbes! I’d be a little worried suggesting them to my spouse, since they are so unromantic, but they’d definitely find a way into my packing. Whenever I travel with any kind of book, there’s always at least one C&H in the collection.

    Also, I know I’m weird, but I think book-shopping on a honeymoon is an awesome idea. Not for the entire time, of course, but at least one trip to a really good bookstore would be most welcome. Heck, it’d even be worth researching particularly awesome bookstores and planning trips just to them…

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