A Nightcap: G&Ts

Do not yet go to bed; I know you’re tired
from leisurely pursuits from noon ’til night.
For all that Morpheus has you enmired,
resist his arms, his sand-storm falling light.
The sideboard holds one duty left to you,
which cannot wait tomorrow’s rosy dawn:
there sits three limes of juice, squeezed but unused,
whose use, if it’s ignored, will still be gone.
Bring forth the juniper, the quinine, ice,
lest Gaia’s gifts be given to the air.
If pressed for time, then quaff it in a trice,
but do not leave the lime juice to despair!
Like Joel’s old man, before rest can begin,
let us make love to tonic and to gin.


3 thoughts on “A Nightcap: G&Ts

    • ^_^ Thanks!

      Have a quatrain that came first as I was attempting to remember how writing pentameter works:

      Let not cruel Time steal thy sweet lime,
      nor waste thy dollars dear;
      The fridge keeps not what’s bound to rot
      unless you drink it here.

      • Merciful goodness, that needs to be hung on my refrigerator. I hate pulling out half a lime and realizing it’s gone moldy, and it’s far too common an experience.

        Thanks. 😀

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